GrooveFunnels Review: Read this Honest Advice before Buying- March,2021

Are you looking for a free funnel builder ? If yes, then you have come to the right place! Below is a detailed GrooveFunnels review you should read if you want to save a ton of money today.

As a beginner one does not have the resources to invest in an expensive funnel builder like clickfunnels. That is when a clickfunnels altenative such as groovefunnels will save your day. It is the best funnel builder which is free and available in 2021.

GrooveFunnels is the future of online marketing. This single software will allow you to build landing pages, funnels and do email automation free of cost for 3 websites. If you want more websites you can upgrade to their limited GrooveFunnels lifetime deal, details of which is given towards the end of the article.

The company is growing very quickly, within just 60 days of launch they reached 75000 customers. Currently they have a limited period GrooveFunnels lifetime deal, which will be closed soon. So, don’t waste time and get your groove plan at the earliest.

This GrooveFunnels review will give you a detailed review on what to expect from the tool.

And if you are looking for the best funnel builder GrooveFunnels is going to be your best bet and the awesome thing is, It’s Free !

We have taken the effort to put in an in depth review of GrooveFunnels in this article, so let’s start the GrooveFunnels review

Table of Contents

    Groove Funnels Review – Detailed Guide

    Below is the detailed GrooveFunnels review.

    We will start by explaining each of GrooveFunnel products like GroovePages, GrooveSell, Groove mail. Then, we will get into the comparison between groovefunnels alternatives.

    We have also shared the step-by-step guide of how to build your first funnel with GrooveFunnels in this article.

    Towards the end of the article, we talk about groovefunnels pricing, it’s free account features, GrooveFunnels lifetime plan and we also touch upon GrooveFunnels pricing vs competitor pricing.

    This article is an in depth GrooveFunnels review and should answer any questions that you might have on GrooveFunnels.

    This would be the only GrooveFunnels review you need to resolve all your queries.

    What is GrooveFunnels?

    GrooveFunnels is an online marketing tool which will allow you to build funnels, landing pages all at once. Groove digital marketing software includes everything you’ll need to get your business up and running.

    GrooveFunnels is the fastest growing landing page and marketing funnel builder currently available in 2021

    You can create groove sales funnels, websites, landing pages, an online store, track groove sales, and affiliate programs, among other things.

    This GrooveFunnels review will help you decide if this free funnel builder is worth your time and if you should consider going for their lifetime plan.

    So, continue reading till the end to know if it is a valuable investment ?


    Below is the much awaited GroovePages review.

    So, what is groove pages ?

    Groove pages is nothing but your website or landing page anything that you want to create to reach your customers online. GroovePages allows you to build websites, funnels, and landing pages with drag and drop features.

    GroovePages is nothing but website with your own domain

    Below is a detailed GroovePages review for your understanding.

    If you have a domain name on namecheap or godaddy and want to connect this domain via a hosting. Simply, buy GrooveFunnels and it will take care of everything. You dont need to buy hosting, with groovefunnels you can make your full fledged website , landing pages, do affiliate marketing track sales , create funnels on auto pilot and much more.

    You can also create GroovePages subdomain, add cloudflare ssl certificate, create url redirects and much more. Basically, it is a multi utility product and you can do everything with groovefunnels free plan as well, so you can build 3 websites for free with it.

    Below is the GrooveFunnels review for GroovePages and its components

    GroovePages for affiliate marketing

    Not only can you recommend GroovePages but you can also assign affiliates for your own digital products and track them via groove funnels

    The Groove Partner Program is special as you can earn earn commissions even though you give away free items like GrooveSell and GroovePages Lite, as long as they upgrade at any point in time.

    GroovePages Integrations

    You would be able to configure third party integrations on your website. Setting up a GroovePages integration consists of two steps:

    Step 1 – Configuring the actual integration with a third-party service provider

    Step 2 – Using an integration feature within the GroovePages page builder.

    To set up the integration, go to the GrooveApps/Pages drop down menu in the top right corner of the Sites panel or the GroovePages web creator and pick “My Integrations” from the drop down menu. This will open your Integrations modal, where you can customize all of the integrations used by GrooveApps’ various applications.

    Third Party Integrations Available on GroovePages

    a) GetResponse

    b) Mailchimp

    c) AWeber

    d) Campaign Monitor

    e) WebForm

    f) ActiveCampaign


    GrooveSell is where you create product funnels, have payment integrations and also track sales and conversions.

    GrooveSell is an important component of GrooveFunnels and GrooveFunnels Review guide is incomplete without a detailed review of this feature.

    GrooveSell Unique Features

    GrooveSell is one of the USPs of GrooveFunnel and a detailed GrooveFunnels review is incomplete without a detailed guide on GrooveSell. We have listed down the unique features of GrooveSell below, these features are not widely known yet and not many people are using it. So, you may benefit by knowing about these bonus features.

    GrooveSell Page Tracking

    With GrooveSell Page Tracking you would be able to see how many people came to which page and how many people purchased. You can put the page tracking code on any page of your funnel and this will help you convert lead faster.

    You can see how many people visited your page, how many times someone viewed your page and how many impressions.

    This feature is something similar to google pixel tracking code, it helps you track your funnel pages and gets you closer to your target revenue.

    For Example if you want to track the thank you page, just put the groovesell page tracking code on that page and groove will give you all the analytics on how many people visited the page and how many people converted. It will also show you who did not convert and you can re target them later.

    GrooveSell Customers Tab

    It is a dashboard where you can see all the details of your customer. On this tab you can see the customer’s profile information like their name, email id etc, how much revenue you made with a particular customer.

    GrooveSell Customers Tab shows you details like how many products they purchased, what funnel they purchased through, did they refund or not .

    Basically, this customers tab gives you complete information about your customers.

    GrooveSell Leads Tab

    This is a very interesting feature of GrooveSell it’s called the Leads Tab. This feature will show you everyone who went to purchase your product but didn’t purchase.

    For these customers you can set up email automations via groovemail and can send them an email after 24 hr / 48 hrs or at any other time, whatever you think is best suitable.

    This feature gives you a second chance to convert these leads into customers

    Step by Step Guide on building your First Funnel on Groove

    So, How do you build your GrooveFunnels free ?

    Step 1 – Go to your GrooveSell account and sign in.

    Step 2 – Your dashboard will appear after you have successfully signed in.

    Step 3 – Click “Funnels” from the menu on the left side of the screen.

    Step 4 – This will pull up a drop-down menu. Select “Product Funnels” from the drop-down menu.

    step by step guide to build free funnel

    Step 5 – This will take you to a page about Product Funnels.

    Step 6 – If you don’t have any product funnels, it will say that you don’t have any in your account right now.

    Step 7 – To build one, go to the top right corner of the page and press the pink “New Product Funnel” button.

    Step 8 – This will open a new window in which you can fill out the information of your new funnel.

     guide to build free funnel

    Step 9 – Just fill out the below details

    INTERNAL NAME: For identification purposes, this is a name that is only known to you and your team.

    NAME: Type your funnel’s name here. A limit of 20 characters is allowed.

    DESCRIPTION: Offer a short description of your funnel. A limit of 40 characters is allowed.

    Step 10After that, click “Build Product Funnel.”

    Congratulations ! You now have your first Groove funnel is ready

    Groove Mail

    Groove Mail is a email marketing and automation tool. GrooveFunnels review would be incomplete without a detailed guide and review of the Groove email feature.

    GrooveMail Automation Sequence

    GrooveMail let’s you automate your business. You can build an automated email sequence and the system sends the emails on your behalf.

    With groove email automation, you don’t have to email each customer individually, you can just set up an email sequence and groove email will send the email for you.

    GrooveMail Campaigns

    The best part of groove email Campaigns are that they have great templates. You can just create a sales page and then create an email sequence.

    Once you have your groove email sequence set you can track the analytics, you can see how many impressions and clicks per campaign.

    But, you should have an email list. The email list would be very important for a groovemail automations.

    To create an email list, you can just click on leads and list on groovemail and create a new email list

    GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program

    There are 2 components of the affiliate program

    Become a GrooveFunnels affiliate

    Let’s look at this in detail. GrooveFunnels is not a traffic and funnels scam. They are a legit affiliate program and they pay their affiliates. In addition, they also take care of their affiliates and if there are any issues with any of the features, they make sure to solve these at the earliest.They have a very supportive team and if you join the affiliate program you wont have any issues.

    Let GrooveFunnels Affiliates promote your own products

    GrooveFunnels allows you to assign affiliates for your own products or services , that you want to sell. They have an analytic section, where you can track your affiliates and see how much revenue they are generating for you.

    Groove Kart

    Below is the GrooveKart review.

    GrooveKart gives you the details of people who have gone to the cart section and then abandoned the page. You can may be send them a coupon within 10 hours of putting them an item into cart and ask them to purchase again with the coupon discount.

    GrooveKart is an important element of GrooveFunnels and hence forms an integral part of the GrooveFunnels review

    Groovefunnels Alternatives and Comparisions

    GrooveFunnels vs Karta

    Well, Mike Filsaime the founder of GrooveFunnels is the founder of Karta as well.

    Both are fully integrated and highly efficient systems. If you compare GrooveFunnel vs Karta, the major difference is that Karta is extensively preferred by people looking to start an e-commerce company, where as GrooveFunnels is an all in one tool which can be used by any one.

    GrooveFunnel is a relatively new product when compared to karta. GrooveFunnel was first launched in 2018 and is still in beta stage, which means they have few glitches here and there but then GrooveFunnel’s support team is excellent and they go the extra mile to resolve the queries.

    GrooveFunnels vs Builderall

    Builderall is a relatively old product it was launched in 2017, whereas GrooveFunnels is still in beta stage. Now, there is an advantage to this situation, since GrooveFunnels is new, they have a free version available for customers currently. The free access to GrooveFunnels will allow you to build funnels free of cost. Whereas, builderall is paid.

    Builderall is a 360 degree marketing software, which will allow you to build funnels, market your products and provide good after sale service to your customers. GrooveFunnels also does the same it will help you build funnels, automate emails and sell products and services to your customers.

    But if you compare GrooveFunnels vs builderall has slightly more features than groovefunnels from a marketing prospective. However, if you are looking to sell products or services via affiliates and do affiliate marketing, with email automations GrooveFunnels is the best.

    GrooveFunnels vs ClickFunnels

    Below is the most awaited comparision of groovefunnels vs clickFunnels.

    ClickFunnels as you know is very popular but clickfunnels is expensive specially if you are a beginner, new to funnels and don’t want to spend so much money GrooveFunnels can be a better clickfunnels alternative. GrooveFunnel has a free plan whereas ClickFunnels doesn’t.

    If you do ClickFunnels vs GrooveFunnels, ClickFunnels pricing for their basic plan is $97.00 per month. They do not have a free version. ClickFunnels offers a free trial.

    Also, GrooveFunnels is the best ClickFunnels alternative available today, it has extra features and can do much more than any funnel builder can do. They use a more robust technology which makes the interface user friendly. GrooveFunnels is the fastest growing landing page and funnel builder today.

    Once you sign up and get their free GrooveFunnel account you also automatically become an affiliate which is not possible with ClickFunnels.

    So, here in a ClickFunnels vs GrooveFunnels comparision, if you are a beginner and don’t have much budget, GrooveFunnels should be your choice.

    GrooveFunnels vs LeadPages

    LeadPages offers you more number of integrations with third party apps than GrooveFunnels. If you have a specific third party app you want to integrate with LeadPages can help you with that. LeadPages pricing for their basic starter plan is $25.00 per month.

    The most crucial element of the GrooveFunnels vs Leadpages comparison is that Leadpages does not have a free plan like GroovePages, however they do have a free trial.

    When you join GrooveFunnels, you join a community, they make you part of their fb group and they have a free plan. Under their premium plan, they have extensive resources available for you to learn and understand digital marketing. These resources are specially targeted as business people who want to automate their business using funnels but have no prior experience in digital marketing.

    GrooveFunnels vs Kajabi

    Kajabi is best known for creating courses and memberships

    So my take on Kajabi is that what it does best is what is at the heart of what it was designed for, and that is to create courses and memberships. It is best used for content.

    Though Kajabi has the features and website builder, it was not originally designed to build websites or landing pages. GroovePages is a website, landing pages and funnel builder.

    Both tools are great and serve different purposes and when used together can actually be very benificial. GrooveFunnels understands that and actually allows you to integrate Kajabi. Let’s learn how to integrate Kajabi to GrooveFunnels.

    Infact rather than a comparision, it would be best to use both these tools together for better coverage and revenue.

    What’s more did you know you can integrate GrooveFunnels with Kajabi? Let’s see how to do it

    Step-by-Step-Guide to Integrate GrooveFunnels with Kajabi

    Step1 – To begin, go to your Product Funnels that you want to integrate with Kajabi and select Manage Products from the drop-down menu.

    Step 2 – Select the edit button for the product you’d like to integrate.

    Step 3 – Then select Webhook, this will link GrooveSell to your Kajabi account.

    Step 4 -You’ll need to log into your Kajabi account to find your Webhook URL.

    Step 5 – Pick Deals from the Items menu on the left. Your items would then appear on the list.

    Step 6 – Click Edit next to the product you’d like to attach.

    Step 7 – Tap More Actions in the top menu, then Webhooks in the dropdown menu.

    Step 8 – Both of your inbound and outbound webhooks will be shown in a new window.

    Step 9 – The Activation URL is the only one we need, so pick it and copy it to your clipboard.

    Step 10 -Return to your GrooveSell account once you’ve copied your Webhook URL.

    Step 11 – If you haven’t added any webhooks, you’ll find that it says

    Step 12 – A new form field will appear, where you can paste your copied Webhook URL, allowing Kajabi to link to your GrooveSell account.

    Step 13 – Click Save

    Voila ! your account is now linked to Kajabi


    GrooveFunnels Team

    Groove Funnels Team

    Mike Filsaime

    Mike is known for designing fantastic products. He is the co-founder of groove funnels and many other companies like WebinarJam, Karta, EverWebinar

    Matt Naus

    Matt is an experienced product developer, he is known to have rich experience in building new age digital products

    John Cornetta

    John is famous for his marketing skills. He is known as the marketing guy, he has a decade of experience in the industry and was the brain behind GrooveKart

    Matt Serralta

    Matt Serralta is another big name in the industry, he is also a founder at PrestaShop and is one of the founding members at GrooveFunnels.

    Knowing the team is very important and is an integral part of the GrooveFunnels review, as it will help you decide if the future of the company is bright.

    In GrooveFunnels case, the future does look bright!

    GrooveFunnels Pricing

    GrooveFunnels Lifetime Free Account

    You can get GrooveFunnels lifetime for free and create 3 websites, full access completely free. The free plan has free access to groovepages, groovesell, groovemail and all their other additional features.

    The free account does not limit users on their main features. Infact, the only difference between a lifetime plan and free plan is that in lifetime plan you get access to unlimited websites, whereas in the free plan you get access to only 3 websites.

    And this is not a 7 day free trail account, which most of the competitors in this space give. This is GrooveFunnels lifetime free plan, all access account

    Below is the comparison and GrooveFunnels review on the features available in the GrooveFunnels free plan.

    You can always take the free plan, experience the platform first and as you grow you can do a GrooveFunnels upgrade and go for the groovefunnels lifetime deal.

    Get the GrooveFunnels free account here.

    GrooveFunnels Pricing

    GrooveFunnels Pricing vs Competitors Pricing

    GrooveFunnels Lifetime plan is very cheap when compared to it’s competitors. Below is the GrooveFunnels review on it’s pricing vs competitors. Take a look at Groove Pricing, it is really cost effective when compared to its competitors.

    GrooveFunnels Pricing vs Competitors Pricing

    GrooveFunnels Lifetime Plan

    GrooveFunnels Lifetime Plan

    GrooveFunnels is in beta stage right now, since they are new they are currently running a GrooveFunnels lifetime plan where you can pay $1397 for lifetime access of GrooveFunnels and build unlimited websites , landing pages and funnels.

    This offer is a limited period offer and is available right now, as they are currently new. However, GrooveFunnels is growing so fast that this offer might soon be closed. And instead they will have a GrooveFunnels platinum offer of $299 per month, which is quiet expensive when compared to the GrooveFunnels lifetime offer.

    You can choose to pay for the GrooveFunnels lifetime plan at a monthly instalment of $497 , before you know it in 5 months you can use GrooveFunnels for life and save a ton of money. This is what I did, I prefer paying $1397 for Groovefunnels lifetime and have unlimited access, rather than $299 per month forever.

    This is the GrooveFunnels review on pricing and which plan you should choose for optimum benefit

    Get GrooveFunnels Lifetime Deal


    GrooveFunnels is the future of marketing automation. If you want to spare yourself the burden to learn hundreds of marketing and affiliate tools and software, GrooveFunnels is your best bet.

    It really saves you a lot of time and energy, since the platform is very easy to use. It has very helpful and easy to use drag and drop website & landing page builder. Plus, you can send emails on automation, track sales and even assign affiliates.

    And yes, you can do all this free of cost. So, what are you waiting for ? Just get your free Groovefunnels account and start building dreamy web pages , funnels and get revenue on auto pilot.

    Create your free funnel with Groove today

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